Managing My Account

Can I sign up for Spotlite using my other social network accounts?

Yes! You can sign up via Facebook and Twitter.

Can I change my profile picture?

Yes! Tap your profile photo and then tap the square on the top right. From there you will be able to change your profile picture along with any other personal info you've provided.


How do I block someone?

You can block a person by going to their profile and tapping on the icon([...]) at the top right corner. From there you will be given the option to block or report that Person. When a person is blocked, they cannot watch any of your performance (Live or Replay) and they cannot follow you. Your block list is located in the app settings.

Can I report and inappropriate performance?

Yes! Repeat the same steps you would to block a person but instead of selecting "Block" select "Report". Spotlite encourages users to report any bullying or inappropriate conduct.

Performance Broadcasting

What is the difference between a live and recorded broadcast?

When performing live, your performance will appear in real time. Recorded video/audio will be available for uploading after recording is complete. To upload broadcast tap "Finish" followed by "Upload". Your video will appear in the "Uploading" page and will then upload to your page from there.

How do I begin a broadcast?

Simply tap on the microphone icon, choose between "Original" or "Live", select audio or video on the toggle and tap start.

How much time do I have to perform?

Spotlite allows users up to 15 minutes to perform with a minimum of 45 seconds in order to upload and post. You can pause your performance at anytime by simply tapping the screen and tap again to un-pause.

How do I delete a Performance?

Select "Songs" then swipe left on a performance and tap "Delete".

Who can see my performances?

Anyone can see your performances. To make your work private simple tap the toggle to "Private" before uploading your video.

Can I post my performances to other social networks?

Yes! Spotlite allows you to share your performance links directly to Facebook and Twitter. We also provide you with a link so that users can post to other social networks and send text messages to other users.

What devices support Spotlite?

Currently Spotlite is only supported on IOS mobile devices.

Virtual Gifting

What is a virtual Gift?

A virtual gift gives you the ability to reward your favorite artists with cash. This is done by purchasing coins.

How do I purchase a virtual gift?

Tap the "Me" icon and select coins. Spotlite will provide you with a list of prepaid purchasing options to choose from. After completing this process, you are ready to start supporting your favorite artist. Make sure you have an account with PayPal.

How can I gift someone?

To gift an artist, tap the gift icon located at the bottom of the video and select which prize to gift them with. Make sure you have reloaded your account before gifting them.

How can I cash out to receive money?

To find the instructions on cashing out, select "Earnings" and then "Cash Out". From there, you will be shown the steps on how to proceed.

How do I join a contest?

Contests on Spotlite are open to all users and are absolutely FREE. To join a contest, go to the Spotlite section of the app and select which contest you would like to join.

Can I join more than one Contest?

Yes! You can join as many as you would like.

Social Networking

What does it mean to follow someone?

When you follow an artist, their activities will show up on your feed.

How do I follow someone?

There are two ways to follow your favorite artists. The first way is to go to the artists profile and select the follow icon located at the top of the screen. The second way is to tap the follow icon that appears on the bottom of a video performance.

How do I unfollow someone?

To unfollow an artist simply, go to their profile and select unfollow at the top of their page.

Who can see my comments?

Anyone can read your comments unless you switch your video to "Private"

Where do I see my comments and notifications?

Tap the comment bubble icon in the "ME" section to view your comments. To view your notifications, tap the envelope icon in the "ME" section.

How do I comment on someone's performance?

Select the artist video then tap the comment bubble icon on the bottom of the video and say what's on your mind.